The activities offered in the Palmer Wing throughout the day are customised for the individual.

Activities are based on identified therapeutic and reminiscent needs as well as enjoyment.

Many of the Residents benefit from doing “every day” activities such as folding washing or shelling peas.

Exercise sessions are held almost everyday to ensure that all residents are getting enough physical activity.

Behaviour Management: Sensory activities such as hand massage, bus trips, Music Therapy, are provided to assist with difficult behaviours.

Common areas include: living room, dining area, kitchen and terrace

A selection of our activities:

  • Exercise class 3 times each week

  • Bingo twice each week

  • Puzzles and mind games twice a week

  • Painting and craft weekly

  • Reading the newspaper and discussion 3 times a week

  • Concerts twice a month

  • Music therapy weekly

  • Pet therapy fortnightly

  • Gardening (in Spring time) & watering plants twice weekly in Palmer Wing

  • Cooking class monthly