Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Your Community – Your Home

Our Values

We respect each person’s independence & choice, allowing them to maintain their self dignity & worth

We embrace diversity & inclusion and the importance of staying connected to the local community

We strive for openness, transparency & integrity in all our dealings

Dougherty Principles

  • Fairness and Equality

    Residents and staff will be respected and treated fairly in all their dealings within the program.

  • Quality of Life with Quality Services

    We are committed to quality services and continuous improvement. Our services will provide each person with a sense of independence and the opportunity to live according to their own values and standards. We are committed to sustaining a community where mutual support, tolerance and communication are valued.

  • Integrity

    Management and staff will behave ethically in all dealings with clients and other organisations. Residents are asked to commit to the same behaviour.

  • Safety and Security

    All ageing people have a right to feeling safe and secure. Dougherty will provide an environment which supports personal confidence and peace of mind.