Prospective self-care residents will be requested to supply a medical statement to the management of Dougherty Apartments before entering into self care. This medical statement should certify the ability of the prospective self-care resident(s) to live independently.

Residents are restricted in accordance with the Rules and Information as set out in the Village Rules, which are included in the Dougherty Self Care Information package.

When a self-care resident vacates Dougherty, the recurrent maintenance fee and deferred maintenance charge (retention) liability ceases when the operator enters into a residency contract with a new resident or after six (6) months, whichever is the earlier.

Residents should be aware that they need to organise their own transport e.g. taxi to their doctor, the hospital or specialist appointments. To assist in this regard, Willoughby City Council operates a Council Cab service which provides inexpensive and reliable transport within the Willoughby Local Government Area, 6 days per week

Basically, a residents contract can only be terminated in accordance with the conditions and procedures for termination under Part 9 of the Retirement Villages Act 1999, or by death or abandonment.

The Boards power to terminate the contract is set out in Schedule 20 of the Standard Conditions.

Inter alia, under the Retirement Villages Act 1999, the residents contract may be terminated if:-

  • the residents physical and/or mental health is such as to make the residential premises unsuitable for occupancy by the resident;
  • the resident breaches the residents contract or residents village rules and fails to rectify the breach;
  • management would suffer undue hardship if the residents contract was not terminated;
  • the resident has intentionally or recklessly caused or permitted, or is likely to cause or permit serious damage to the residential premises or any part of the village or injury to the operator or employee of the operator or to another resident.

All fees and/or any additional or extraordinary charges are as laid out in the Costs, Charges, Fees, Services and Information section.

What conditions are made towards this expense by residents and management in relation to:

14.1 common area 14.2 individual units

Self Care Units and common areas will be painted and re-carpeted every ten (10) years. There is a long term maintenance plan for which funds are set aside from exit fees as well as infrequent items of expenditure for new building works and equipment.

For self care residents, the transfer of the units is to be negotiated only through Dougherty Apartments Management. In the case of a lease agreement, Dougherty guarantees to purchase back the self care unit from the resident at an agreed price, which is based on a valuation which will be carried out at the time of departure. In the case of a loan / licence agreement (all new residents enter into these agreements) where there is no capital gains clause, Dougherty purchases these units back from the outgoing resident at purchase price less deferred maintenance charges applicable at the date of departure. Thus, there is no need for a departing resident to look for a buyer, as the sale is already guaranteed. Dougherty repurchases the unit and then enters into a new residency agreement with a new incoming resident.

An example of a calculation of net payout on departure, is set out in Schedule 4 of this document. Retentions (or deferred management fees) are deducted , on departure, from the entry contribution paid by the outgoing resident, in accordance with the rate set out in 1.2 on Page 6.

No capital gains apply to units sold after 1999 under loan / licence residency agreements.

The General Manager of Dougherty Apartments, Rebecca Allen is a qualified Registered Nurse with many years of experience in  senior management roles in both hospitals and aged care facilities. Rebecca was appointed by the Board to the position in October 2017 and is vitally interested in the continual improvement of Dougherty Apartments and the services it provides.

The Board of Directors is comprised of experienced professionals with years of experience in their respective work fields and who have a vested interest in continuing the quality services provided by Dougherty Apartments.

Yes, Dougherty Apartments have a waiting list. If you wish to register your interest please fill in the application form. In accordance with S21, Part 4 of the Retirement Villages Act 1999, a waiting list fee of $200.00 is charged.