Village Rules





These rules have been prepared to maintain a peaceful, comfortable and enjoyable retirement village environment for all residents, staff, visitors and guests. They have been established to specifically encompass the unique needs of Dougherty Apartments and to ensure that the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act 1999 No. 81 (as amended from time to time) Part 6, Division 1, Sections 50 and 51, have been complied with.


In the following rules:

  1. Common areas means any part of Dougherty Apartments other than residential units;
  2. We, our and us mean the operator of Dougherty Apartments, and include employees, agents or representatives of the operator; and
  3. You and your apply to any resident of Dougherty Apartments, as well as to contractors, suppliers and visitors.
  4. Guest means any person who intends to stay overnight for a period of up to two (2) weeks.
  5. Visitor means any person who visits and does not stay overnight.


  1. All units are for the sole use of the resident(s).
  2. Guests are welcome at any time up to a period of 2 weeks. There is no requirement for residents to obtain consent, unless you wish to extend this period. Please advise the office when your guests are arriving, together with their length of stay, so that management has this information in case of emergency. A guest is any person, other than a spouse or de facto, who intends to stay.
  3. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that your visitors and guests (including tradesmen) comply with these Rules. Any visitor or guest who seriously or repeatedly breaches these Rules will be requested to leave the facility immediately.


  1. You must not make any noise likely to unreasonably interfere with the quiet enjoyment of others within Dougherty Apartments. This rule applies whether you are inside your premises or in common areas.
  2. Volume levels on radios, television sets, DVD players etc must be set at a level so that they are not heard outside your residential unit.
  3. Residents must not allow their doors to slam when entering and exiting their units.


  1. Residents may park their vehicles only in your own designated car parking space, where applicable.
  2. Residents or residents’ visitors may use the authorised 15 minute parking area at the front of the building in Victor Street for picking up or setting down passengers.
  3. Tradesmen Parking spots are available for the use by tradesmen, visiting doctors and emergency vehicles only. They are not to be used by residents, guests, tenants, staff or other visitors at any time.


  1. Residents may keep fish or a small caged bird in their unit at any time, but no other animals or pets are permitted.


  1. Residents are not to throw items of garbage or refuse, cigarette butts, tissues etc onto the gardens, lawns or common areas at Dougherty Apartments.
  2. Residents are welcome to assist in the maintenance of gardens and grounds by weeding or watering near your unit.
  3. Residents must not plant, prune or remove plants, take cuttings or pick flowers from the common area gardens without consent of the Management.
  4. Residents must not use any part of the common areas as their own garden.


  1. Residents must maintain within their unit, a garbage receptacle that is kept in a clean and dry condition.
  2. Garbage being disposed of must be securely wrapped in paper or enclosed in plastic bags and deposited down the garbage chute in the garbage room adjacent to the lifts on each floor. Do not use after 10pm.
  3. Residents must not litter or leave rubbish anywhere in Dougherty Apartments.
  4. Glass bottles, plastic containers, newspapers, tins and other recyclable materials are to be left in the boxes provided in the garbage room on each floor.
  5. In order to avoid vermin and other pests, all containers must be thoroughly cleaned before placing in appropriate containers. This applies in particular to milk cartons and containers.
  6. Residents must promptly remove any item that may have spilled in the garbage room and clean up the spillage.
  7. Large items of garbage are to be taken to the basement and placed in the green bins in the garbage room. Refer to the office for assistance, if required.
  8. No cooking, vegetable or olive oil or any other liquid which will endanger our environment, is to be poured down the sinks, basins or toilets, but must be placed in a sealable container and disposed of appropriately.


  1. Common areas are provided for the use and enjoyment of all Self Care Residents.
  2. Residents must not obstruct or permit the obstruction of walkways, entrances, stairways, corridors, fire escapes, lights, windows or other parts of the common areas.
  3. When on common areas, residents, their visitors and guests, must be adequately clothed and must not use offensive language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment to other residents, staff, or persons on the premises.
  4. Dougherty Apartments is a smoke free zone. Smoking is not permitted in any other enclosed parts of common areas.
  5. To comply with fire regulations, front doors of residential units must be kept closed at all times. A fine applies for breach of this regulation and will be monitored and enforced by the Willoughby City Council Fire Safety Officer.
  6. Residents are not permitted to mark, paint, drive nails or screws etc into, or otherwise damage or deface, any structure that forms part of the common areas without prior approval of the Management.
  7. Residents shall not permit children to play in common areas unless accompanied by an adult exercising effective control.
  8. Residents shall not deposit or throw rubbish, dirt, dust or other material onto common areas.
  9. Residents are not permitted to transport any furniture or large objects through or upon common areas, unless the Management has granted prior approval.
  10. Residents shall ensure that in the likelihood of rain, windows in common areas are not left open to permit rain damage to carpets or other property.
  11. Levels 3 to 8 have a common lounge area located across from the lifts which residents are invited to use. The staff and Residents Committee are to be consulted if you wish to reserve one of these common lounge areas for a private function, for example, a special birthday party for relatives and friends. Approval is at the discretion of Management and Residents Committee. The Ground Floor Lounge, which is an open plan lounge is not available for private functions.
  12. All items placed in storage rooms must be clearly marked or labelled with residents names and unit number.
  13. Only small items are to be placed in the storerooms and all care but no responsibility, will be taken for those items placed in storage.
  14. Residents who, through their carelessness, negligence etc, cause the activation of a false fire alarm call, will be charged the current fire alarm call out fee levied on Dougherty by the NSW Fire Brigades.


  1. Residents or their guests must not hang any articles of washing, bedding, clothing, cleaning items or any other article on any balcony or other part of their premises in such a way as to be visible from outside the building or from the surrounding streets.


  1. When cleaning balconies, care should be taken that minimal water or debris is allowed to drop onto floors below.
  2. In the interests of resident safety, residents must not place any object, such as pot plants etc on any ledge, window sill or elevated surface on the exterior of residential units in a position from where they may fall.


  1. Only residents and staff are permitted to have security cards.
  2. Chains and bolts must not be fitted to doors of residential units.
  3. Residents are not permitted to change the locks on their unit doors.
  4. Residents must not interfere with the self-closing mechanisms of exterior doors that are designed to maintain security.
  5. Residents must ensure that all windows, doors and other openings to residential units are closed and securely fastened when premises are not occupied.
  6. Residents must advise staff immediately in the event of a lost security card so it can be made invalid – current replacement cost is $20.00 (amended from time to time) and must be borne by the resident. Requests for duplicate unit keys (cost also borne by the resident) must be made and authorised at the front office.
  7. Residents must NOT use fire exit doors to exit the building except in an emergency situation. Specifically, Fire Exits Stairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and the emergency exit door on ground floor, adjacent to Unit G03 must NOT be used.
  8. Residents personal possessions are not covered for insurance against burglary, fire or other hazards. Residents should consider taking out their own insurance against these risks.


  1. Dougherty Apartments is a smoke free facility. Smoking is NOT permitted in the building.


  1. Supermarket trolleys are not permitted in this building nor are they to be wheeled through the Dougherty Community Centre. They must be left in the designated area behind the lattice in the main walkway and basement area.


  1. It is the residents’ responsibility to advise staff as to what repairs may be required in each residential unit. Maintenance issues will be attended to as soon as possible (please note that currently our maintenance supervisor works Monday – Thursday).
  2. In accordance with Section 67 (2) of the Retirement Villages Act 1999, management or other authorised persons may enter residential units only in the following circumstances:
    1. if the resident consents to the entry
    2. in an emergency, or if Management has reasonable cause for concern about the health or safety of a person that Management believes is on the premises
    3. in order to carry out urgent repairs
    4. in order to carry out general maintenance, but only if 7 days notice has been given to the resident
    5. in order to carry out a general inspection of the premises, but only if:
      1. the premises are not owned by the resident, and
      2. 7 days notice has been given to the resident, and
      3. a general inspection of the premises has not been carried out more than once in the immediately preceding 12 months.


  1. Residents are required to complete a confidential personal health form which includes the name, telephone number of persons to contact in the event of an emergency, and the name, telephone number of the residents doctor. Residents must complete an updated personal health form sent to them by Management. This form is kept in a confidential file to respect each resident’s privacy.
  2. In the event of illness, Management will immediately call medical attention, but subsequent care will be the responsibility of the resident or his or her relatives or friends.


  1. Residents or their representatives who wish to surrender the tenancy of their unit must give management one (1) months notice in writing of their intention to do so.
  2. On the vacation of a residential unit, maintenance fees will continue to be charged to the resident or their representative until the keys are surrendered to management.


  1. Dougherty Apartments intermediary, Kerrie Bradford, or a representative of the Residents’ Committee.